The Nigerian Creative Industry

The creative industry in Nigeria is one that is very popular in Africa and the World at large owing to its undeniable exponential growth and development. It has stood the test of time and has generated revenue, employment for many Nigerians and non-Nigerians as well. It cuts across diverse sectors like film, music, dance, graphics designs, sports, information technology, arts as well as a host of others. It is holistically structured with the Intellectual Property (IP) as the governing body that controls and binds the activities of the Nigerian Creative Industry, making sure that they (Nigerian Creative Industry) carry out their activities within the confines of the Nigerian constitution.

 Many international acts and brands want to partner with the Nigerian Creative Industry, not too long ago, we were thrilled with Beyoncé’s Lion King inspired album which featured top Nigerian music acts like Yemi Alade, Tekno Miles and a host of other acts. The same goes with Burna Boy who got Grammy nominations and also did win a Grammy in the just concluded 63rd Annual Grammy Awards as his Way Too Big album won the Best Global Music Album and that has gained him more prominence on the world’s biggest stages through his affiliations with Apple and YouTube.

Music isn’t the only sector making a name for Nigeria on the global stage. The movie industry-Nollywood is the largest in Africa and the third-largest in the world. The entry of Netflix in Nigeria has also boasted the movie industry as the movie Lion Heart directed by Genevieve Nnaji was bought by Netflix for a whopping sum of $3.8 million. According to some statistical analysis released by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in 2016, the Nigerian movie industry averages over 2500 movies on a yearly basis and provides employment to over 1 million people as well as accounts for almost 1.4% of Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which is over USD 7 Billion.

Chimamanda Adichie’s book Americanah spent 78 weeks on NPR’s Paperback Best Seller list. Chimamanda however, went on to win the Shorty Awards as the winner of the “Best in Literature” category in 2018. The likes of Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe, Chigozie Obioma and Oyinkan Braithwaite has also made the Nigerian Creative Industry proud with their various achievements.

The Entertainment industry of Nigeria has always taken the front pages of headlines when it comes to Creativity in Nigeria, you can easily find Nigerian music played in big international concerts like the United States presidential inauguration of Joe Biden, Super Bowls as well as obscure places like Oxford street shops and Beijing nights clubs. However, the Graphics design industry has been the most neglected and most underpaid but that narrative has changed in recent times. Graphic design in Nigeria cuts across sectors like; motion graphics, visual identity graphics design, web design, Illustration for graphic design. Digital marketing has helped Graphic designs a lot in recent times owing to the fact that most businesses in Nigeria have woken up to the reality of digitalized marketing as the way forward in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Creative industry has grown and has waxed stronger in recent times, there is a need to sustain and facilitate its growth and developments because of the limitless opportunities that it affords, and leveraging on them will make the Nigerian Creative Industry a name to reckon with in Africa and the world at large. The government should support them the best way they can because it has the potentials of becoming Nigeria’s primary source of revenue. A lot is left to be desired when it comes to copyright protection in Nigeria, the Copyright Act cap C28, LFN, 2004 enacted by the National Assembly hasn’t been properly executed as there seems to be a high rate of piracy in Nigeria. The government should be lenient when it comes to taxation, reduced taxes and favorable policies can go a long way in further growing the Nigerian Creative Industry.

One thing is clear, there is no disputing the fact that Nigeria is a country that is blessed with a whole lot of talents and creative minds, however it important for us not to rest on our laurels, there is a need for improvement and sustenance to facilitate continuity in the positive direction.

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